About Cedille paris

With the eyes of a child fascinated with the brilliance of gems and love for art, filled with curiousness and passion, Carmen Aoun grew up eager to study gemology and jewelry design; deriving uniquely her inspirations from nature, architecture, geometry, and modern art.

The qualities that distinguish Carmen are her innate creativity, craftsmanship and talents. In her atelier, she is able to transform each jewel into a creative and mesmerizing piece of art, and her works are marked with originality, refinement, modernity, luxury, and elegance.

In 2010, Carmen launched her own jewelry collection “Cédille”. The name Cédille ‘ç’ is a hook that accessorizes the letter, just like the pieces of jewelry accessorize a woman. Cédille collections are made exclusively of diamonds, precious stones, and 18ct gold in white, yellow and pink colors. These collections are marked by their craftmanship and unique pieces, as well as being very refined and extremely well finished with plenty of elegance.

In 2015, Cédille Paris came to life under the vision of the designer Carmen Aoun. Carmen continues her journey to expand internationally all over the globe to grow into an Icon in the realm of Jewelry Design, always keeping in mind that jewelry is everlasting and timeless.