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Born in Lebanon, when Carmen was young, she was quite fascinated by the beauty of her surroundings.
The forest, the oceans, the essence of life... Nothing holds any secrets for this young woman who is as talented as she is courageous. She will turn it into a work of art, with love.
Her studies will lead her to the discovery of gemmology and thus, her desire to build her empire will be born.
Determined, it is in Beirut that she begins her career by making jewellery adorned with pearls.
In 2015, she decided to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary and created Cédille Paris.
Her love for nature, modern art and architecture will lead this Mediterranean woman to sublimate the unexpected. A showcase of jewellery made exclusively of 18-carat gold, diamonds, precious stones and gemstones that will become the reflection of her childhood dreams.

I am a free, independent,
ambitious and creative woman.
My name is Carmen, I wear elegance,
call me Cédille Paris.


From frog to fish, deer to spider... Cédille Paris accessorises the modern woman of today, naturally strong and distinguished. Its collections, filled with unique and certified pieces, are known and recognised for their traditional, artisanal know-how and for their Italian quality. But that's not all, Cédille Paris crosses oceans and challenges borders to reach as far as the United States, via Africa. Cédille Paris is a story that is written every day with women from all walks of life. Cédille Paris is universal and timeless. Cédille is Carmen, but it is you, too.

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