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“I wanted to embody the eternal mother-daughter bond, in the design of this special Ç MOI collection, based on circular composition and beautiful splashing colours flawlessly mixed with gold and diamond.
In fact, our logo is the unity of 2 Cédilles; the singular Cédille and the unconventional Ç MOI which are different yet very similar. By adding just a cédille to the “C” it changes its pronunciation, but looking at them they are alike.  The bond between these 2 Cs was designed to crown each item of the collection.  
I believe that behind every creation there should be a special story… coming from the heart the story of this collection was inspired by my secrete muse, my daughter Carel, my other “C”. 

- Carmen Aoun - 

I am a free, independent,
ambitious and creative woman.
My name is Carmen, I wear elegance,
call me Cédille Paris.


It is each and every one of you. It is being unapologetically yourself “MOI”.  Choose the Ç MOI that best suits your personality from our exclusively online-shop: #CMOIexclusivelyonline  A Ç MOI different and unique,    A Ç MOI rebel not a stereotype,    A Ç MOI daring and passionate,    A Ç MOI bold not regular….   Proudly by Çédille

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